Working out

So doctors and therapists have been telling me that physical activity/exercise will help with depression. The problem is that I hadnt been able to find the motivation to do it. I know I started taking antidepressants a couple weeks ago but it hasn’t been long enough to be effective.

Today I used the gym at work. It’s a nice gym and no one ever uses it. While I couldnt find the motivation to go before today I went just because I needed a break from the monotony of work.

I didnt do much other than a little bit of weight lifting some cardio. The important thing is that I worked out even though I didn’t want to. Hopefully I can use my hate of monotony at work as a catalyst to get me working out regularly.

Whatever it takes I suppose but either way working out did make me feel a little bit better today than I had been feeling.

I’ll try to repeat tomorrow.


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  1. You will be fine’ because when they told me I have Bipolar after twenty years of being sectioned in mental heath hospitals.taking drugs that take over your life.Doing more one to ones than I can remember. I could then try to understand why I get so low Anxiety and depression go hand
    in hand. try to take small steps to do things like walk to work or a family friend. There is know magic cure but we have come along way. take care email me anytime. Mr bipolar


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