So I had another appointment with my psychiatrist friday. As I mentioned previously I had wanted to talk to her about getting put onto antidepressants and she went ahead and prescribed me wellbutrin so I started on that Saturday morning.

When discussing meds she also said that she doesnt think I need to take trileptal so she said she wants to try to take me off of that as a mood stabilizer sometime in the next several weeks after my body adjusts to being on the antidepressants. I am not sure how I feel about that since that is supposed to be my mood stabilization medication. But I am not the person with a PhD so I will just follow her instructions as we figure out what I need as it pertains to medication.

My psych eval didnt pinpoint bipolar or any formal diagnosis but did mention that cyclothymia should be explored for further diagnosis, maybe that’s what the doctor is doing as she plays around with what meds I am on.


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