Changing my commute

I have always been one that is afraid of not being in control, and as such I have always chosen to drive in to work rather than utilize any of the various commuting options available to me.

The commuter train to Union Station

Today I took a leap of faith and decided to take the train in to work. Yes that means I am on the trains schedule and I not in control of that. As a way of showing me that he is in control, God decided that my first experience would be one in which the train was delayed 30 minutes. I stood on the train platform doubting my decision before finally boarding the train.

But now I have all this extra time that would normally be spent cursing at traffic, swearing at idiot drivers, and letting the stress get to me. Instead I am writing a post and sitting down in a comfortable airconditioned train car appreciating that even a delayed train will get me to work with less stress than traffic.

Anyways, perhaps I will write another post on my way home since I haven’t written in a while before today.

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