Lying to my boss

So today I slept in and was going to miss a meeting. I contemplated long and hard about lying to my boss about having car trouble. To me it just made sense to give an excuse. It was my first thought, but instead of making a gut decision on my first thought I paused and thought about it…

I’m human and so is my boss. Everyone had slept in from time to time before. But he wanted me to lead a meeting in person. This wasnt something I could dial into the conference call for… so I felt as if I was really letting him down and thought I needed a good excuse since I screwed up and wasnt prepared for the same meeting last week. What would it hurt to tell a little white lie?

It wouldn’t have hurt him or the people at work, but for me lying is a slippery slope and for what? What is the point of lying to my boss? My wife pointed this out to me last week as well when I told her that I lied to him last week about something small and inconsequential. I did it to save face.

But that has been my problem all along. Lying to make myself seem better than I actually am…

So I picked up my phone and called my boss. I hoped he wouldnt answer but he did… and then I said it… Paul (name changed to protect the innocent) I am not going to make the meeting, I slept in and now I’m stuck in traffic…

As simple as that I told the truth, I came clean about sleeping in… and what did my boss say? “No worries, I will reschedule the meeting and tell everyone you are running late”

That quickly I changed the way I did things, I was scared as hell… I know it may seem stupid to be scared of admitting to your boss that you slept in, but it wasnt about that. I was scared to look like a human capable of mistakes in front of my boss.

And there in lies the problem. As soon as I start hiding the truth I am welcoming a darkness that can overtake me and result in me living a duplicitous life again. Something I absolutely dont want at all.

Anyways, I just wanted to share something about my day… some things that are seemingly easy for some people arent so easy for me. It takes effort and courage to change.

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