God and Money…

My pastor recently has been preaching about money. And I finally listened to him and God and began tithing my income. It was scary at first because I am not all that good with managing my money. So in my mind I’d prefer to give what I have left before getting my next paycheck. But that is putting my money before God. People that care more about money are driven by fear is something my pastor recently said. He couldn’t be more right.

I so decided to have faith and decided to tithe as soon as I got paid. This was foreign to me I must admit. I was especially hesitant because I knew that I had just taken 2 weeks of unpaid vacation when I had a mental break which lead to my diagnosis of bipolar. Then I got my tiny paycheck that resulted from my time in the hospital when I had no leave… again I paid God first. I also gave money to my wife since we are separated. It wasn’t much but I gave more than I thought I could afford.

Now that I am a few days from my next check things were getting very tight. And I could feel the fear creeping in. I just had EZ pass notify me that they were going to pull 100 from my bank account and I also had a check for 160 floating around waiting to be cashed. My bank balance was 160.xx so basically I was short 100.00.

Then out of the blue something I’ve had on Ebay for almost a year sold. So after shipping I had 9.00. Then I got notified of my next paycheck from my old job that is supposed to get deposited. 105. So back in the black (assuming the check doesn’t deposit before tomorrow) but barely anything left over. Then still fearing the check may have come through before the next deposit I decided to peek at my bank account and I saw 2 deposits just came in today from vehicle mileage travel reports that I submitted back in January.

So now I can breathe a sigh of relief. Trusting God isn’t the easiest. I wanted to ask my wife to borrow some money but also wanted to stop with the fear and trust God. I didn’t let the fear take over and it all worked out…

Just wanted to share my recent experience with God/Money.

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