Doing the right thing for the wrong reason….

Sometimes doing the right thing can go sideways. Usually it isn’t a problem. But in my case I have hurt my family and wife specifically in so many ways that me doing the right thing can be triggering to my wife.

For example tonight I came to her about something to own up before it would ever become an issue. I did this because I failed to do this for something similar last week. However this wasnt just some little thing. And it wasnt something that even needed to come to light. I could have thrown away what I came across and it would have never been an issue.

But I wanted to be the good guy and point out how I learned my lesson from the week before. I didn’t consider how this might impact her. I was selfish in my disclosure and by doing so I caused more harm than good.

She pointed out something cmvery true, I shouldn’t be making her feel bad for me to make myself feel better. I have so much work to do to repair our relationship I really can’t afford these easy to avoid potholes on the road to restoration.


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