So I went to see my therapist tonight… dun dun dun…

She’s a good therapist but sometimes we butt heads a lot. Tonight was one of those nights. My wife says some things I need to just breeze through and let go when the therapist and I disagree. I try but it’s so hard sometimes.

But as I said she is a good therapist still. The thing she keeps bringing up is that I need to do things on my own. Without my wife or anyone else. Early on I thought she was trying to prep me for divorce but it is more so that she is trying to show me that I dont have to do EVERYTHING with my wife. I can be my own individual person too. I’m trying. Today I worked on my car for a little bit. It’s one of the things I like to do and I enjoyed it.

I need to start exercising. I walk a lot at work now but I need to do more when I get home. So I suppose that will be one of the things I work on doing alone. My therapist really wants me to start doing that as well. Baby steps. I can’t jump into it full force I need to get comfortable working out again. Anyways I need to get some rest. Got a meeting with the boss in the morning that I am super paranoid about.

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