Meds that I take and their effectiveness.

Since I was released from inpatient treatment I have been taking trileptal and celexa.

Both seem to be working. The trileptal had definitely helped with the racing thoughts and I believe has helped with my mood swings between hypomania and depression.

With everything I have going on in life it’s hard not to stay in a depressive state. Recently I had been feeling happy but that didn’t last long as I tend to self sabotage any progress I make within my personal life.

The celexa however I think has been effective. I’m not as likely to stay glued to my couch with no motivation. Rather I still have some motivation even though I dont feel all that great emotionally. I think it has also helped that I started to go back to work again as well. The routine has been helpful.

My drives in and home are long and I haven’t been listening to music much I’ve just taken in the silence and the sounds around me. I did notice that I dont get as frustrated as I used to when driving. I’m not perfect. I still get a little upset from time to time but it has drastically decreased in frequency.

Anyways… I just wanted to write a quick note on what I am taking and the perceived benefits I’ve been experiencing.


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