Successfully avoided my bad habit today…

So I previously mentioned that I had a bad habit of seeking out affirmations from folks when I feel down and in the dumps. Oddly enough I had to face that today…

At work we had an awards ceremony for my team of employees. The award stemmed from activity from before I started with this company so I was not included. No big deal except company VPs were present and I wanted so badly to make my presence known and introduce myself to them as the new employee that oversees the team.

The difference is that today I was mindful of my bad habit so I stayed quiet and congratulated my team after the awards ceremony was over.

This isn’t to say that I’ve been perfect. There is still something I need to own up to and share with my wife the next time that we communicate. It may not make a difference since my last screwup but I still owe it to her to be forthright….

This blog is about my struggles with bipolar but it also touches on my hypersexuality and marriage issues as well. So much is intertwined and the issues may blur but through it all I hope to continue to become a better person, father and husband.

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