Medication Routine

So now that I am back to work I am getting used to taking my meds in 12 hour increments with work intertwined with my day. Today will be a long day for me I left home at 5:30 and probably wont be able to get home til 8/9pm tonight. So I am realizing that I more than likely should just be taking my meds everywhere I go.

I have a keychain container for a few doses that I keep in my backpack that I take everywhere but today I just put both pill bottles I need into my bag as well. I took my morning dose while I was driving in and will take an evening dose when I am supposed to.

The meds have been working so well that I am afraid to miss a dose or deviate from the schedule that I have been taking them.


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  1. What meds are you taking, if you don’t mind sharing? I’m on lamotrigine 200 mg (mood stabilizer), bupropion 150 mg (happy pill), and risperidone 2 mg (anti-suicide pull). 🙂


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