What should I do when I feel the mania coming on or present??

I’m learning that my mind was right a couple days ago the mania was coming on. That is likely why I had difficulty sleeping the last few nights.

The more I read the more I learn. I was thinking that once the mania sets in it is in the stay. Apparently forcing myself to maintain a good sleep routine is one way to hijack it. At least that’s my understanding of some of the things I have read.

I would love to know how others feel on the topic… please comment below how you handle it. I had initially thought that once it arrives you have to simply ride the waves and attempt to be mindful of everything you do, but if there is a way to fight it at the same time I am all ears.

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  1. This one is a tough one for me to comment on. The best thing that I know of for (hypo)mania is to get as much good sleep as you can. The problem for me is that once it sets in it’s pretty much being along for the ride. If I keep diligently taking my meds and getting good sleep my hypomania curves off in a week or two.


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