Something my wife pointed out last night

Talking with my wife last night she pointed out to me that I was acting manic with my shopping.

I tried to deny this. Yes I had been shopping lately. I spent some money on items for my new apartment. And a couple things for things that I just wanted but didn’t really need.

My bipolar mind tried to justify by saying that I was using the CBT and DBT skills I’ve been learning in outpatient treatment. I was being mindful of everything I bought, I had legitimately thoughtfully considered all of the items that I had purchased.

The problem with this is that I have the mind of a compulsive shopper as well so my first thoughts should have been reconsidered. I should have discussed the items I felt I needed with my wife who knows of my issues. To anyone else the purchases may have been reasonable but my wife who knows me better than anyone else was able to see my shopping issue return. She can telegraph my movements from a mile away and I gave her less credit than she deserves…

I dont know if you read this Sara, but if you do… Thank you for pushing me to examine myself more closely. Thank you for trying to help me before something becomes a larger issue if left unchecked.

I love you Sara.

—- Mike: your Bipolar Husband

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