Went to see Godzilla

Well tonight I was feeling depressed and my therapist recommended I do something for myself and go see a movie. She wants me to get used to doing things on my own that I might not normally do alone.

Going to a movie alone is definitely something I’ve never done before. It was okay but felt SUPER weird. Note to self if ever doing that again don’t go to a late showing. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Woulda been easier to blend in had I went to an earlier showing.

Godzilla was a pretty good movie and it did serve the purpose of getting my mind out of the negative place it was in.

Depressed or not I still felt myself getting a little hypomanic. Not so much as far as being full of energy. More along the lines of contemplating impulsive stuff. I wasnt going to do anything stupid but odd ideas started crossing my mind such as starting my own business or getting a new phone (something I definitely dont need).

Either way now that I’m more sensitive to my impulsiveness I just think twice about what is on my mind and put it to rest as impulsive. I guess that’s the point of the CBT and DBT that I’ve been going through in outpatient.

Finally I’ll say if you have considered going to see Godzilla definitely go, it’s a good movie. Tuesday night I might go see Another movie with a friend from my last job. I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks and I know that I’ve been isolating lately and I need healthy interaction.

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