My appetite is pretty much non existent these past few days. I’m guessing it’s a depression thing. I eat maybe 1 meal a day lately and if my body signals it needs food I will eat something then. The problem I have is that I have no drive to make myself any food. I go to the grocery store and get fruit and stuff for sandwiches and such but it generally ends up going bad before I even eat it. Right now my stomach is telling me to eat but it’s almost midnight so I am using that as an excuse not to eat.

Sometimes it’s just so hard to make myself a meal. Making a meal for just 1 person sucks and feels pointless so I usually just make a sandwich for whatever meal I’m eating.

Tomorrow my goal is to make myself breakfast before I go to outpatient treatment. Should be easy in theory but I haven’t made myself breakfast in quite a while. We’ll see if I can stick to my goal. Breakfast for 1 is much easier to make than dinner for 1.

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  1. I too am in the same predicament, cooking for one and have no appetite. I was prescribed lorazepam and that has helped. Hope you work it out.


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